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    Pipe Fabric Circular loom

    More than 30 years, we have focused on the research and practice of plastic circular looms and developed a series of heavy-duty wide-width plastic circular looms with independent intellectualproperty rights. The unique feature is the dovetail groove guide without shuttle wheel, which avoids the roling of warp by shuttlewheel and the hindrance of warp to shuttle operation. Therefore, our circular loom can better adapt to the knitting of extra-light and extra-heavy fabrics and improve the reliability of circular loom. Based on this unique technology, we have developed SPCL series super plastic circular looms with 2-11 meters in circumference and 40- 1000 grams/meters in weight, which are widely used in the knitting of container bags, container liquid bags, advertising cloth, geotextiles and other products. Our circular looms have the comprehensive ability to make plastic woven fabrics wider, stronger, lighter and thicker to meet the various needs of customers.

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